Cortland Biomedical Announces Suite of Post-Processing Services and Technologies for Implantable Textiles

Cortland, NY, August 9, 2022 – Cortland Biomedical, a full-service medical textiles product development partner that provides access to a full spectrum of global engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities, today announced that it has added a suite of post-processing services and technologies. Offered in conjunction with its extensive range of knitting, weaving, and braiding capabilities, the latest services will enable the company to provide its OEM customers with their implantable fabric or device in its final form.

Cortland Biomedical is adept at working with customers to develop complex, customized textile structures with highly tailored mechanical properties. Its suite of post-processing capabilities now includes:

  • Spin Finish Removal, which can improve the biocompatibility of implantable fibers in any textile construction.
  • Edge Sealing, which is performed by using a variety of proprietary methods to apply heat and/or weld materials to minimize loose fibers and/or fraying without impacting the base material.
  • Ultrasonic Welding, which can benefit implantable fabrics via the highly precise application of heat to create complex shapes via the attachments of components, etc.
  • Heat Pressing, which provides the ability to further specialize and alter braided, woven, and knit textiles to stabilize and improve their performance.
  • Shape Setting and Thermal Forming, which are processes that are employed to set a fabric into a specific and often complex geometry to suit a specific surgical application.
  • Braid Tipping, which ensures that braided products are manufactured for optimal performance by stiffening the ends to reduce fraying.
  • Laser cutting, which provides almost endless possibilities for the design and manufacturing of smaller components.

“Our mission has always been to overcome the status quo when it comes to helping our customers develop innovative, sophisticated, customized textiles that may ultimately enable less invasive surgical procedures,” said Tara Yunkunis, business development manager, Cortland Biomedical. “Now, by offering this comprehensive suite of post-processing capabilities, we’ll be able to further help streamline product delivery and minimize the need for additional suppliers.”

All services are performed at Cortland Biomedical’s state-of-the-art 35,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, which was strategically designed for purpose with input from medical device partners and seasoned textile engineers.

About Cortland Biomedical

Cortland Biomedical custom designs and manufactures high-performance biomedical textile structures leveraging years of experience in medical textile engineering methods including knitting, braiding and weaving. Its thoughtful design concepts challenge the status quo. Cortland Biomedical’s unique combination of advanced equipment and technology, a seasoned medical textile-specific engineering team, and first-rate R&D capabilities allows it to tackle customers’ complex challenges with the innovation and agility expected in the medical device industry.

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