By: Luis Padilla, President

You are stuck. The problem feels unsolvable. You have spoken with numerous companies, but everyone seems to offer the same answers but no solutions. There are many medical device development companies out there, but not all of them are willing to move outside their comfort zone and truly innovate when it comes to addressing complex challenges. At Cortland Biomedical, this is our sweet spot. It’s what sets us apart. We are a company of visionary problem solvers who are creative, passionate and driven, and have the infrastructure, capabilities and experience to deliver consistent and reliable solutions. We take your product idea off the drawing board and make it a reality.

At Cortland Biomedical, we have a long history of custom designing high-performance biomedical material structures, applying our advanced expertise in biomedical textile engineering methods, including incorporating the latest in knitting, braiding and weaving technology. Our new purpose-built manufacturing facility is designed by textile engineers with input from our customers. The result incorporates the needs of the medical device industry and the ins and outs of creating advanced medical textile constructions. This state-of-the-art facility demonstrates our focus to provide customers with the latest in textile technology and innovation. 

The 13485-registered facility with ISO Class 8 clean rooms for fabric formation and ISO Class 7 clean rooms for assembly, cleaning and post-processing, are vitally important to our ability to offer a full range of biomedical textile services. Equally as important is the highly experienced team we have built to deliver these services.

Many companies shy away from the types of challenges our team embraces. We are your partner, working with you to innovate, solve unanticipated problems and deliver solutions. We are not stopped by ‘can’t be done’; we innovate; we solve; we deliver.