Textile Construction for Bony and Soft Tissue Stabilization Developed with Rapid and Iterative Prototyping

At Our Core: Real-time Collaboration

Cortland Biomedical was recently asked to develop a robust woven biomedical textile tape for an orthopedic product that could provide mechanical support for initial soft tissue repair following an injury, but ultimately encourage the patient’s native tissue to regenerate and grow into the implant. The end goal would be for the implant to provide structural support during the tissue regeneration process. For this type of application, understanding the resorption profile–the behavior of the product during and after the resorbable polymer has fully dissolved–is very important.

Cortland Biomedical invited the customer’s product team to its state-of-the-art facility to work together in real-time to create the ideal solution. It was determined that a structure that is partially resorbable would be best so that over time half of the construction dissolves and creates void spaces to encourage native tissue growth.

Their rapid and iterative prototyping session helped to hone in on the most practical and utile design. The customer ended up with a sleeker and smaller profile textile construction for their woven biomedical textile tape than what was initially prototyped.