Cortland Biomedical Celebrates Major Milestones

Cortland Biomedical recently held an off-campus celebration of several new product launches

This fall’s launch party focused on the successful commercialization of various products across multiple clinical applications. Despite the rain and wind, all Cortland Biomedical staff took a break from the facility to dine together at Walden Oaks Country Club. This event acknowledged the accomplishments of everyone involved, provided an educational experience to newer employees, and offered a captivating perspective on major projects. Every employee also received a branded cooler tote, filled with items to use with pride both in and out of the facility.

“Cortland Biomedical braided, knit, and woven products will be utilized to improve patient lives,” stated Eric Brown, General Manager for Cortland Biomedical. “We wanted to set aside time to acknowledge, celebrate, and show appreciation for our major wins and milestones together as a company.”

The event didn’t just simply recount the past, but it also set the stage for the future. These launch successes have unlocked opportunities to drive growth and deliver new efficiencies to these customers and future customers alike.