Cortland Biomedical Launches with State-of-the-Art Facility for Design, Development and Manufacturing of Custom Textile Structures for the Medical Device Industry

Engineering Team Brings Decades of Experience in the Development of Advanced Medical Textile Constructions

Cortland, NY, September 17, 2019 – Cortland Biomedical,a full-service medical textiles product development partner that provides access to a spectrum of engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities, has unveiled a new, purpose-built manufacturing facility strategically designed by textile engineers. Evolved from Cortland Company’s well-respected medical division, Cortland Biomedical’s dedicated and growing team brings decades of experience in the development of advanced medical textile constructions — supporting unrivalled design, process and validation engineering.  

Cortland Biomedical has a long history of fabric development, as well as meticulous attention to detail to the biomedical outsourcing supply chain. It offers a full range of services to create biomedical textiles for limitless applications that are formed by braiding, knitting and weaving, as well as custom fabrication. Its seasoned team of medical-specific engineers can develop textile solutions that contain biomaterials that are polymeric or metallic and used in implant or surgical applications. These materials can create structures that are resorbable or permanent. Cortland Biomedical can also enable next-gen combination devices leveraging fabrics and specialty materials, or synthetic structures and tissue hybrids used in load-bearing applications.

Cortland Biomedical’s new facility has certified clean room manufacturing areas with ISO Class 8 clean rooms for fabric formation and ISO Class 7 clean rooms for assembly, scouring and post-processing. Cortland Biomedical ensures that the products it develops meet the design criteria established up-front by its customer, with input from its design and engineering team.

 “Our team is committed to partnering with our customers to redefine what’s possible from biomedical textile structures customized for their specific applications,” said John Greco, Vice President, Sales, Cortland Biomedical. “Our new facility will allow us to create a state-of-the-art manufacturing environment that can support our team’s passion and curiosity to develop the best solutions. We take into account both required performance characteristics and the clinical application to ensure the design is robust for optimal performance and is of the highest quality.”

About Cortland Biomedical

Cortland Biomedical custom designs high-performance biomedical textile structures leveraging years of experience in medical textile engineering methods including knitting, braiding and weaving.

Our brand-new state-of-the-art facility reflects our commitment to offering superior, full- scale medical textile production customized to a wide variety of customer and market needs.

Never comfortable with the status quo, Cortland Biomedical’s unique combination of advanced equipment and technology, a seasoned medical textile-specific engineering team, and first-rate R&D

capabilities allows us to tackle customers’ complex challenges with the innovation and agility they expect and deserve.

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